Thursday, 10 September 2009

Lady's Inspired.... everything you hate
So with my down time a kinda well, did something bad. I had the Buyers negotiate there ass of over at Acne to get a pair of size 38(was previously opting for a 39 which then sold out) and she contacted me three days later with amazing news! So I guess that's great, she'll have them sent to me at the end of this month!
....however, I kinda received an email from ShopNastyGal, saying that the Sam Edelman Zoe boots are available for pre-order, so i kinda bought those as I spent far to much money now.....(and those darn boots wont even ship until 7 to 9 weeks and we all now that i have zero patience...)
So I have decided to cut up all my cards and never shop again unitl February next year cuz i kind blew that budget out of the window...So no mesh heels from Topshop, although that crocer T is still fucking mine!!!

I guess ill be okay, I've got a pretty solid closet and i wear black like all the time and everything in my closet is pretty much versatile. My outfit posts for the next few months are sure going to be a testament for how basic pieces and statement shoes and get you a long way.


Claire said...

they're back in stock? oh my god. oh my god. i must go to nastygirl now. oh my god. sort of wondering why i'm still typing a message when i should be going now. ahh. <3 C

Champagne said...

I did somewhat the same thing a while back, brought nothing but DVDs and books. Sometimes its just to hard to save money when you find something that you want.