Thursday, 17 September 2009

Im ranting.... i usually find it hard to follow a conversation with the up most interesting human beings, I always keep nodding and say yeah or an over enthusiastic Really! And as i soon I realize that you realized that im so not follwoing your convo i sually say oh sorry could you say that again, I've got perfect hearing(got my ears checked)which explains why i cant sleep, as soon as i shut my eyes every other one of my senses seem to hpena nd im stuck following every single sound I hear either to see where it leads or ends. Which then supports my paranoia which as i try to figure out what the sound is and why its being made this late, I hate the things i hear and i fear the person it might if my eyes happen to roll to the back of my head don't worry.....Welcome to my Universe


Jowy said...

That ring is delicious..I need a spacey ring like that!

One Love,

Mila said...

Ahhhhhhhh love the ring!