Monday, 7 September 2009

Found it!

Ugh long day! Woke up, checked my emails, returned a thousand more emails, called people I dont know then got dressed and had my dad drive me down to Brighton for yet an apartment viewing. Seriously i was dreading the place I had nightmares about this place and OMFG it was amazing. Pop your head outside the window and you'll have your beach, 5 minute walk to the clubs down by the beach (WOHO!) 10 minutes to TOPSHOP (OMG I DIE) and like i dont really care where the uni's at, IT was perfect. And, to put the cherry ont he top....It's Completely IKEA FURNISHED. Could I feel more at home? My dad loved it so there was no pleeaaasss daddy I really want it. So Now I can finally rest in peace....

P.S Thanks for the advice!! Got to many black once so i guess ill just get.... fuck it seriously still dont know! The grey once are so ghostly and hot! But the black once of course go with everything and would look good with the leggings their selling...hmm?


Anja said...

grattis till lägenheten!
åh shit dom där skorna är dödssnygga :)

Claire said...

you must must must check out the new Elle about london fashion week. has an entire spread about christopher kane for topshop which, of course, includes these beautiful shoes. after looking at it, you'll want the grey. so gosh darn beautiful.
<3 C

Anonymous said...

can u tell me what the name of the guy in the first pic ??
my facebook is ( ucef R hartnett)

btw love ur style
& im sure if u meet karl L he will say somthing nice about U