Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ugh so im super disappointed in the pieces and actually quality of Christopher Kane's Topshop collection. It was way over hyped and I was like over the moon when the delivery man brought me my packet today and just tore threw the parcel that i for a minute believed I got to the actually garment as well!!!
AND TO MY HORROR the one piece i was dying to receive, the Crocer Tee Dress, was simply awful! It had an unflattering length and id say this would be the case for anyone below 5'7 and how it was so techno colored on the ads and on the web page....well in person it look really dull and the colors make the the garment look like it had a good 25 washes already. So if it were shorter and the colors actually pop as advertised (and not juts threw there saturated photoshop tool) id be a killer statement piece to last you ages....but its blah and whats pisses me off is that the had the audacity to price it at £60!
I was just in Zara, saw an amazing tee in the right length fit and color, just that it had a tiger on the front and actually id had the most amazing light weight feel to it.....£16.90!! Now that's worth it, I'm sending it back....
The point of this is just to well give you guys that haven't already ordered one for yourself that its nothing like what you saw in the video or on there page and that you might want to think twice before getting it.
Other than that I've had a great day riding around in my Dads new Bemmer, done some shopping at Zara and day dreamed of Ian Somerhalder Naked, sweaty and all over me.

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