Monday, 21 September 2009


Hahaha I guess im going to be real and leave these pics up, some might be remotely disgusted(cant wait to see those comments) and well hopefully some rebellion out there will congrat me ahahaha. Im not going to say anything, hopefully you guys wont notice what im talking about. It's a lazey habit and im prone to picking up bad habits such as, not taking a shower, coming my(or this) hair, sleeping and well...the other things ahahaha.
But I promise it wont happene again.

Wearing: Beanie - H&M, Dress - Zara, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Boots - Topshop and shirt from Maine New England.


Anonymous said...

guess your talking about the side boob... doesn't really bother me Love the wolf dress

Ara said...

no bra, feels free! hehe... Cool pictures!

Martha said...

love the boots <3

Anonymous said...

you talking about forgetting to shave your armpit? That's the only thing I could see you making a big deal of since I have seen enough side boob on some other blogs.

Nice shoes

Anonymous said...

shes def. talking about her not shaving her armpits..1st and 4th pic

Dana said...

Jjajaja I think not wearing bra is really cool, you're a free girl. About the armpits, well, if you don't feel like shaving then don't!

I love your rockstar look! HOT HOT HOT!